Architecture & Landscape.

Dahran Hotel is a 60,000 m2 hotel by the King Abd El Aziz Air Base that houses multiple high-profile guests, which we were tasked with renovating. The project itself was tackled from both the exterior; inspired by the venue’s airport location with metal and marble elements inspired by airplane wings, with the usage of state-of-the-art materials in the outer casing and vertical spotlights, helping it blend it with the architectural structure of the hotel; and the interior in different ways, depending on the function of the roo

Ground Floor


The ground floor, which houses the reception area, a seating area and the hotel’s foyer; was renovated with the latest styles in modern architecture, while making sure during the spacing process, that enough space was allotted to extra sections such as a high-profile guest reception area, an entertainment room and a chess room, while implementing wooden floors, glass panels, copper elements and elegant wallpaper designs to add a touch of luxury to the space.

Ground Floor


The hotel is home to 138 standard rooms over multiple floors, 8 suites consisting of a reception area, bed and bathroom, 4 VIP suites consisting of a reception area, dining table, office, bedroom and a spacious bathroom, with marble and wooden highlights prevalent in the dressing room and bedroom. We tackled both room tiers with luxury in mind and an emphasis on making smart use of the space given in the standard bedroom, so as to stray away from making the room feel too crowded and taking advantage of the extra space in the VIP suites to really showcase the luxurious aspect of our design direction.

Ground Floor


Restaurant was also designed with modern direction but with a different color scheme to create unique twist to the restaurant and set it apart from the rest of the floor. 

Ground Floor

Exclusive Club Lounge

The club lounge was also redesigned to go with the modern direction of the renovation, through the use of modern styled textures such as black wooden panels for ceilings, marble slates for walls and geometrical patterns on floors, while increasing the seating area’s space and using glass and copper elements to create a coherent flow throughout the whole ground floor.

Ground Floor

VIP lounge

A VIP wing was also added for high profile guests to relax and enjoy their meals, with the guests’ privacy in mind, during their time on the ground floor.

First Floor

01 Royal Suite

The first floor continues the modern theme throughout its many partitions, staying true to  the renovation’s direction. It also houses a multitude of rooms of different natures such as a multifunction room, which can be used as a lecture room, convention area or completely restructured to be a dining area for weddings. The women’s event hall was also completely renovated according to the present theme.

First Floor

04 Corridors

The hallways were furnished with tasteful, posh carpeting and wallpaper with modern
designs, that tie all the first floor’s sections together.

Second Floor

01 Grand Royal Suite

The Royal suite spans over 600 m2 of absolute grandeur and opulence, with large seating area, a meeting room capable of hosting 24 individuals, a spacious bedroom and a seating area overlooking the view outside. The walls were coated with a mixture of premium padding and wood present throughout the whole room, emphasizing the luxury of the suite.

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