Shaheen Coffee Headquarters

Shaheen Coffee is one the leading coffee brands in Egypt, with offices spanning an entire floor, with an area of over 1000 m2, which we were tasked in giving an uplift, to further convey the premium nature of the brand and the level of the company, while efficiently distributing the space to accommodate the various departments and sections of the company.     


The 2D zoning of the space was challenging to plan, due to the owner’s requirements for the spacing of offices despite the large space present, with a portion of the area allocated to the CEO’s office with its facilities, which include a meeting room, restroom, bathroom, waiting area and secretary’s desk, and the CFO’s office with its meeting room. 


Chairman Office

The direction we adopted with the headquarters was a modern, simple approach, using predominantly white colors, with splashes of greens and warm brownish-red, which doubled as natural light elements, either in the greenery, the furniture or the artwork  featured throughout the floor.

CEO Office

The CEO’s office featured the strongest natural elements throughout the whole floor, implementing concrete walls, copper finishing for the furniture and wooden elements to bring a luxurious, elegant feel to the office, fit to receive high-profile guests  and complemented with wooden louvers on the ceiling and Gypsum board spots over the  waiting area, to further highlight the level of quality of the brand as a whole.

Meeting Rooms


The rest of the space  was divided between three, 6 to 8 people meeting rooms, the board meeting room, a financial department, a HR department, an IT department and the employee workstations, which were divided into 2 large sections, while keeping in mind that an open-space work  area was needed for an open channel of communication between all employees and their team leaders to keep an open channel of communication between promote a healthy work  environment and encourage teamwork amongst employees.


Facility spacing on the floor was divided between a recreation room and a kitchenette with comfortable seating, for employees to eat in during their breaks.

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