Palm Valley


The idea behind our Palm Valley Villa project was to create a living space for the residents, while maintaining the property’s resale potential by designing a contemporary space that caters to various needs and tastes. 

Ground Floor


We faced a challenge with the ground floor, due to its limited space, but through efficient planning, we were able to integrate an open concept kitchen and bar with an eye-catching design, a living room and a dining room into the space, while maintaining a contemporary tone and utilizing complementing elements for pieces such as vintage mirrors, which were selected by the client, in order to achieve an end product that blends well together and is in tune with our client’s references. 

First Floor


The first floor was planned with a master bedroom, guest bedroom and a second bedroom which featured an open dressing and bathroom area leading to a Moroccan bathtub with a modern twist. Despite the low hanging ceiling, we still managed to integrate a dome-shaped ceiling into the setting over the jacuzzi area, with various Moroccan inspired, modern designs featuring abstract lines and modern, original, oriental styled patterns for the entrance, using materials such as copper and marble throughout the area.

The open dressing and bathroom layout was designed with privacy and ease of access in mind, creating a natural flow to the area and a seamless, comfortable user experience. 

Master Bedroom

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