Moustafa Kourany

Mr. Moustafa Kourany is a renowned businessman in the textile industry, as founder and CEO of INCA & CO, a
lifestyle home furnishing brand as well as being the former Business Development Manager for Korany Group for textiles.

 We were tasked with the furnishing and design of Mr Moustafa Kourany’s residence, which to us, was an opportunity
to bring a client’s vision to fruition and add a few creative touches here and there.

For the entrance of the villa, we went for a natural centerpiece encased with glass to both provide the villa’s entrance with a view and reserve a bit of privacy for the areas behind the centerpiece.


Reception, Dining & Kitchen

The design direction we went for was a modern chic feel from all aspects, making use of the spacious area and implementing an open concept approach with the reception, living room, dining room and various seating areas with an unobstructed pathway through the spaces, while reserving private sections for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

The materials used for the residence were all of premium nature, with modern furniture of minimal nature being used through the reception area, which consists of two seating sections, one of a modern style and the other with more classical influences, both being spacious to accommodate for different types of gatherings and a large number of guests for different occasions.

The living room and dining were designed to give a homey kind of feeling, designing the space with simple modern furniture, an artificial fireplace and a comfortable wide seating area, with minimal decorating elements and greenery, keeping the area as simple and elegant as possible.



The dining area also follows the main design direction, where we incorporated the marble into the dining table with a simple seating to keep the space clutter-free and keep it focused on functionality, with a separate entrance from the residence’s main reception to provide ease of access to the home owner from different sections of the house.

The kitchen follows an open concept with a simple U-shaped counter housing all the kitchen’s drawers, storage units and appliances, with a few shelves for different uses and a minibar setup on the side. Marble is also a prominent element in the room, with it being used for the walls as well as the flooring.



Master Bedroom

To mirror the elegance of the direction, we went for marble flooring throughout the residence with hardwood tiles for the bedroom and dressing room areas to give a cozier and secluded feel to the two rooms.

The bedroom area also follows suit with it also being fitted with minimal furniture, a bed in front of a balcony, which provides the room with natural lighting, along with a desk for business use and a dedicated dressing room with storage units being designed with wood as part of the walls and wall design.

Through our experience and familiarity with how to pull off an elegant but simple, modern house, we were able to bring our client’s vision to life and design a space tailor-made to fit his needs and living preferences.

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