Kandil Steel HQ

Kandil Steel are in the business of developing and exporting steel products all over the world, in their own unique way that guarantees customer satisfaction through an efficient, effective process that caters to the ever-changing needs of the steel market. We here at Iconic, wanted to mirror that efficiency in our re-design of their offices, making the space a seamless walkthrough, with easy access to different departments and sections of various natures.



The previous building exterior presented a few challenges, such as the building being box shaped, with no indicators as to where the entrance is, so the entrance was re-modeled to create a distinct visible one, with the company sign made from real steel, as a nod towards the company’s area of expertise. The three floors were fitted with shaded glass panes to reduce the intensity of sunlight focused on the Southern end, with the roof being added as an entertainment area and gym, complete with bathrooms and a cafeteria for employee leisure.


Ground Floor

The old space did not utilize the many architectural aspects and was a bit lacking in terms of efficiency and space distribution and allocation, with problems such as having pillars situated in the middle of the floors, dividing the floor into 2 sections, too much sunlight being focused on one half of the floor, with the other being adjacent to the factory itself, causing a lot of noise so those were the main features which we focused on during the redesigning process, basing the majority of it on interviews we conducted with employees and foot traffic inside the building, both from an interior and exterior perspective.

 The improved space was made with an emphasis on positively contributing to the employee psychology through the utilization of open spaces, implementing an open layout concept for workspaces and moving the team workspace to left-hand side of the ground floor, instead of the previous closed offices, with managers’ offices situated in the middle section, which was previously a corridor, to create a more teamwork-based manager to employee relationship, in addition to moving the meeting rooms to the right-hand side of the floor, since meetings are usually 1 to 2 hours long, so the majority of an employee’s workweek will be spent closer to windows. Phonebooths were also added next to manager booths, to decrease traffic around the area,


Keeping in tune with our open concept layout, linkable meeting rooms were built to efficiently utilize office space, with the ability to open up adjacent meeting rooms to accommodate more or less people, in addition to open-space meeting areas between the partitions closed off with glass walls, giving a diverse range of meeting setups for B2B meetings or in-house meetings.


Sunlight was also a major point that we focused on implementing, using non-solid elements to allow more natural sunlight into the office, while using green walls and materials on the right-hand side of the floor for meetings there, in order to create a more eye-pleasing view for employees who are farther from sunlight entry spots.


Facilities such as the coffee area, smoking are, copy area, prayer area and lockers were placed at both ends of the room, in order to make the distance shorter for employees moving from one area to another, in addition to designing bathrooms with the ratio of men to women in mind, efficiently distributing the space.



First Floor

The first floor’s main function is to hosts different delegations visiting the factory, instead of hotels, in addition to containing Kandil Steel’s CEO’s office and board meeting rooms, so our redesign had to be simple, elegant and showcase a mixture of business and pleasure.


Our design included a kitchen, for guests looking to have lunch on the premises, a lounge for people to kick back and relax, an entertainment area complete with a coffee area, a pool table, ping pong table, PlayStation area, women’s bathroom and a smoking area, along with lockers which are a crucial storage element across all floors.


Download Portfolio

We created two offline pdf portfolios one for each department in iconic design studio, each document contains samples and highlights from every scope of work we offer to our clients, select you desired pdf and of course contact us anytime if you have any questions or in need of any clarifications.