El Tagoury Mall


Abd El Wahab El Tagoury and the Tagoury family are one of the most prominent names in the business world in multiple fields with ventures such as the “Tagoury Restaurant”, “La Reine”, their furniture store, “Tagoury’s House” and recently a venture into the real estate industry. 



The building itself was owned by the family and was built as a skeleton at first in the late 90s until 2019, when the family decided to complete construction of the mall.

The main goal with the project was with efficiently zoning the space to solve the difference in leveling between the front and back faces of the building, to create an efficient footpath for mallgoers from the entrance to the first floor, which contains the commercial and F&B area. As such, the entrance was redesigned, with escalators being placed throughout the project in strategic areas, creating an easy-to-navigate circulatory route. 


The project was built with a large number of pillars and beams as the original plan for the building skeleton was to withstand 11 floors that resulted in a lot of wasted space in the building’s interior, which we solved through rezoning the entire space and utilizing the space of the interior to the best extent in an area spanning over 6500 m2 on 5 floors, in addition to efficiently uplifting the interior, we applied a modern, trendy style for the project’s front face, with stone-textured cladding used instead of stone or marble, which are subject to losing their adhesive properties, substantially decreasing the maintenanceneeded for the front side’s upkeep, coupled with glass curtain walls to allow the maximumamount of sunlight to enter the administrative buildings, creating a highly desirable work environment for renters.

Louvers were also added to create shade for the administrative area, with aluminum profiles to decrease maintenance needed, while conserving energy and decreasing the project’s running cost. 

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