Eish W Gebna

We took a pure industrial, luxurious approach when tackling the Eish w Gebna branch design, utilizing raw, rough, basic materials and keeping in line with the brand logo’s concept of the block of cheese and mouse, to highlight the brand’s specialty when it comes to cheese in all of its dishes. 



We were careful to design the space with a kind of “Eat N Go” placement to increase the rate of customers in and out of the branch, while maintaining a cozy feel that’s naturally lit, in which a large number of customers can enjoy their food.

With the design of the branch, we kept in line with our approach, planning out a raw, luxurious, industrial setting with interesting elements to offer a visual experience along with the culinary one, through the implementation of indoor and outdoor raw wood and metal tables and chairs without backrests and a large open-concept counter, to accommodate customers. 

On Ground


In addition to being used in the furnishing of the branch, raw materials were also present throughout the whole branch in the concrete used for the floors, wooden elements on the walls, the exposed ceilings laid with air ducts, grills and electrical pathways, a large stainless steel hood placed above the counter, metal mesh elements and raw lighting units. 

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