Claude Hesni

A chalet in Al Ain Al Sokhna, which needed major renovation work and a complete facelift.   As per the owner’s request, we utilized Bohemian, ethnic influences from items such as african face masks and plates he had an interest in.   

Living room & Dining

One of the challenges faced in the project was giving a spacious feel to the interior, due to beams hanging too low and pillars situated in spaces that obstructed the view, which we solved through zoning and designing an open-concept kitchen, with the option of closing it off, coupled with design elements complementing the design direction of the wooden louvers already present in the chalet, giving the interior an earthy, natural feel.


Download Portfolio

We created two offline pdf portfolios one for each department in iconic design studio, each document contains samples and highlights from every scope of work we offer to our clients, select you desired pdf and of course contact us anytime if you have any questions or in need of any clarifications.