ASGC Apartment

Master Bedroom

ASGC is one of the top vertically integrated construction conglomerates in the MENA region with over 31 years of experience and a reputation for designing some of the most impressive
architectural structures in the area.

 We were tasked with bringing one of their clients’ vision to life with their new residence, going for a sleek mixture of modern elements, simple furniture, ceramic flooring and white undertones, while making good use of the natural sunlight found in all the apartment’s rooms, lighting up the house in a way that gives the apartment a peaceful and serene feel.

 With the Master Bedroom, we went for light wood flooring with white elements giving the room an open feeling, with natural sunlight lighting up the space and simple furniture elements with white and beige tones, emanating a calming and relaxing mood throughout the room.

 The bathroom was also an extension of the lavish direction present throughout the apartment, with white ceramic and glass elements for the space, in addition to a walk-in shower for those quick morning baths.


The kitchen features wood heavily as an element present in the flooring and cabinets with ceramic continuing to tie the kitchen into the apartment’s theme, with an island and a bar setup integrated in the middle of the kitchen for cooking and cutting needs, as well as acting as a place to eat or entertain guests at. Natural sunlight was also used as a main source of lighting for the space.

Second Bedroom

With the second bedroom, we decided to blend the modern direction of the entire apartment with a few classical elements that still hold true to the modern influences of the apartment. Wooden flooring was also implemented, as well as ceramic elements through a section of the bathroom that doubles as both a bathroom and walk-in closet, giving the bedroom its own privacy and utilizing the space in an efficient manner.








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