Pinocchio Catalogue

Pinocchio Furniture is a leading designer and producer of wooden products and ready-to-assemble furniture. Each piece is created with infinite grace and a full on authentic and modern touch, providing the market with sincere designs that meet all tastes and needs.

The company invests in a strong employment force and pursues a designing culture that bonds different elements together resulting in a unique and affordable design movement. 

We worked on cataloging Pinoccio’s products to further boost its offline shopping. Being the first stop of a shopping journey, the catalog was designed neatly featuring various sectioned collections along side all technical info.

Download Portfolio

We created two offline pdf portfolios one for each department in iconic design studio, each document contains samples and highlights from every scope of work we offer to our clients, select you desired pdf and of course contact us anytime if you have any questions or in need of any clarifications.